Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Challenge

This is my finished project for the spring challenge.... I wanted something with flowers and so I made my own with my 3d flowers I also added my butterflies and ladybugs which is all spring related. I know that I love the snow but I also love the spring time.........My Niece Evelyn Bell gave me this Idea a couple of weeks ago I haven't seen how hers turned out but here is mine.....


  1. Thought you'd slip this one by? No way, with the bird dog on the trail!

    One word - beautiful

    Love ya cuz'n

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I must know of this spring challenge you and Evey speak of? I haven't heard anything about it from Ms. Evey....LOL What is it?? Love ya sis, you did an EXCELLENT job!!! :)

  3. it us very all the different flowers and the butterfly is a great touch on it....