Sunday, March 31, 2013

     I had so much fun creating My own eggs so I didn't have to cook them I just made them.
this kept me busy all week before work and after work and through the weekend...
     I made the Easter baskets, cards and the treat holders like the 3D eggs the small little chick and carrot and apple filled full of all kinds of goodies.....


  1. OMGness! I just absolutely LOVE the jeweled apple it is FABULOUS!!! <3 Well it ALL is, but the jeweled apple is my favorite!!!! You are so dang creative with the paper stuff!!!! You are AWESOME Sis!!! :)

  2. Love the Easter table spread, the eggs turned out adorable. I'm with Rita, love the jeweled apple! The carrot is too cute. Love seeing all the projects you work on.

  3. Really love the apple one and the one with the lace and pearls. I am so glad you love the paper crafting. So pretty not everyone can. Me for one. Love you.