Sunday, March 3, 2013


This is my BFF we work together and we also are on the Relay for Life committee together, she is always by my side we even craft together whether it is here at home or in the parking lot at work, we always make things interesting..... LOVE LOVE LOVE my BFF


  1. I need to find me one of them friends that can craft with me lol! I am normally sitting by hubby's side doing it by myself and goodness when I ask his opinion he says "crafting is NOT my department" ROFL :D Ah well, it's all good, I enjoy my time with just he and I! <3 This blog is looking pretty awesome sis!

  2. thank you Vicky...we have alot of fun together no matter what we are doing...working on crafts..the things for the relay..or just hanging out together...when we get together on an project or idea we definately rock it out ....glad to have a BFF in you also...